Saturday, April 18, 2009

Gold Color Hydrant

Saturday April 18th 2009 started very early for me. I awoke at 2:30 AM, dressed in a period military uniform and got in my car for a short drive into San Francisco in the dark.  The streets were practically empty when I made it to my finally destination at the old 30's fire house located at Third and Four Street.  

Why you ask, would one get up at that ungodly hour to drive to an old fire house? Well, this was the meeting place for the start of the 103 Anniversary of the 1906 San Francisco Fire and Earthquake.  I was there to meet with some friends, family and some members of The San Francisco Fire Department.  

We all loaded up in two vintage fire engines and headed down to Union Square to meet up with everyone that would be in the parade down to Market and Kerny Street, where the main celebration would be. 

After the remembrance and introduction of the remaining survivors (there are still three, one is over 105). The group headed over to 20th and Church Street with police escort.  The reason we all went over to 20th and Church was because the fire hydrant located on that corner was the only hydrant that was working in the city after the earthquake. So that is the reason why the hydrant is painted gold. 

My family has made this a yearly event due to the fact that my great-great grandfather and great-grandfather were burned out of their homes after the 06 Quake.

The crowd that was at Market and Kerny  St.

The fire hydrant at 20th and Church St.
My Father (R) painting the Hydrant.

I will put up more photo of the parade and the events at the hydrant in the next couple of days.

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