Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Cosmoline Army

It is a new month again, so I made my pilgrimage to Battery Chamberlin to do some living history for the public with my comrades from the Coast Artillery Historical Association.

This month one of the association members came wearing a United States Coast Artillery uniform from the 1904-1912 period, complete with sidearm.

The service coat, hat, pistol belt and pants are original articles from that period. I still find it amazing to believe that you can find these uniforms in reasonable good condition and they fit someone a 100 years later.

I really like the uniform of this transition period from the blue to khaki tan and finally to green service uniform and it goes perfect with the 6 inch gun as they were both from this time frame.

Here you can see the what the difference about 20 years makes in military uniforms.  The One on the right is WWII about 1942-44

Here is a close up photo of the S&W revolver in its' leather holster. This sidearm would be used through the beginning of WWII.

Finally, here is a photo of the left side of the pistol belt. It has four ammunition pockets sewn into the belt with brass eagle snaps for closing.

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